Application Procedure

Please read through all this information before starting your application process.


1. Download the Application form and the Proposer / Reference form, and print these off.

2. Complete the two forms, printing in black ink.

3. Scan the completed forms and accompanying letter [see the application form for what is required in this] and return them to i.e. three attachments in all. 

Once your forms are submitted, you will be contacted by the Membership Secretary and be asked to pay the “waiting list admission fee” of £25. This is non-returnable.

 You will see that you will need to contact an existing member who will help you with how to proceed and act as your “proposer”; you will also need another member to act as your “seconder”. If you do not know any existing members, then you may apply directly provided that you submit a written reference from a person of good standing (preferably from within the world of angling) in support of your application.

Please note that at certain times of the year there may be a short delay in replying - the membership secretary is allowed holidays and may even go fishing!

Please also note that the time on the waiting list is variable depending on resignations and other factors, but is normally up to one year. Interviews and “getting to know you” sessions with the  committee are usually held for all applicants between January and March.