The Fishing

                     Ribble and Derwent                                    Easy access        





 Brockhole on  River Derwent

Derwent Salmon   

                       Hodder Harvey Draw

 Hodder u/stream of Black Hole

What more could an angler want !

Photographs by members of the Association

Photographs taken by members of fish caught on BGFA waters  The Lune trout, landed in 2015 by Ken Maylor fishing a size 14 brown klink, weighed 6.5lb  won the T&S "Trout of the Month"

This year, the best trout reported so far (2016) is a 22.5ins Hodder brownie which took a size 16 dry olive.
Excellent wild trout fishing is available to members with fish of over 2lb not uncommon. BGFA no longer stock river beats with hatchery- reared brown trout

Salmon in the teens and over 20lb are recorded every year .The Association`s best salmon, caught by John Dixon on one of our Ribble beats was a 49ins cock fish taken on a stoats tail alevin.
Tony Barrow`s 26lb springer, was landed and returned on Isel

An exhilarating battle between hooking the fish in Upper Danes and eventually landing it in the Stones will surely be long remembered – and maybe even retold a few times over future hut lunches" (Salmon of the Month"in Sharp`s UK wide competition)

The Ribble and Hodder are excellent venues for grayling. David and Jonathan Hoyle took these photographs of Ribble grayling

          Ribble at Wheatley                                         Upper Lune                                   Parsonage Reservoir