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May 27, 2019

Hodder Consultative

Youth Initiative

We had the first meeting of the Recruitment and Youth Engagement Group last night, and we have made some good progress towards setting up the Summer School at Stonyhurst.    Could you make a final plea to the Clubs attending the next meeting for details of any further nominations and E-MAIL addresses.  Phone is helpful, but only in addition to e-mail as there are documents to be circulated.

Also, could you please ask them to bring details to the meeting of any qualified coaches within their ranks who might be able to assist in tuition at the summer school, which is scheduled to take place on three separate days - 10th, 17th and 24th August.  Help on all or any of those days would be appreciated.

At present the sub group consists of the following:

Tony Singleton/Mick Gore - BGFA

Christian Hunt - Stonyhurst College

Neil Ashworth - RRT

Myself/Richard Owen -WFA

Jeremy Rawkins

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